What is the significance or meaning of "RennSport"?
"RennSport" is short for the German term "Rennen Sport" which means "Racing Sport". Over the years there have been numerous limited production German cars with the RS or RennSport designation such as the legendary 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS and currently the ultra-high performance RS4/RS6/RS8 Audis.

Where do your cars come from?
Our cars our consigned to us by local people who do not have the time, knowledge and/or experience necessary to utilize the Internet to sell their cars.

Do you provide financing?
We do not directly provide financing, but can help you arrange financing with numerous local and national banks.

Can you ship cars?
Yes, we can arrange shipping via open or enclosed trailer depending on your needs and/or budget.

Do you provide any warranties?
Most cars under four years old and less than 50,000 miles will be covered under the transferable manufacturer's warranty. Cars older than this are not covered by any warranty.

RennSport Motors
342 Oak Crest - Copley, OH 44321

e: sales@rennsportmotors.com

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